Selected dried and dehydrated fruits, also spiced and chocolate coated, in ecologic luxury packaging for gourmet shops.

Neronatura boxes are selections of different types of dehydrated and dried fruit, also spiced and chocolate coated, in elegant decorated aluminium boxes.

The packaging of Neronatura boxes is eco-sustainable and completely recyclable.

Neronatura boxes are particularly suitable for gourmets and pastry shops, wine bars and for all those shops that want to offer their customers Italian quality and taste, combined with an elegant and exclusive aesthetic aspect.

Neronatura boxes are perfect at any moment of the day: for a healthy and balanced breakfast, a touch of sweetness after lunch, a small delicacy at teatime, a tasty break and a delicious after dinner.

Neronatura boxes: a natural, healthy, tasty and unconventional gift for all occasions.

Neronatura, always a good moment.


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